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Reaper Cowboys & Gunslingers! Shipping Info & Rates
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PRE-ORDER - Spider-folk - Wilderness Encounters - Otherworld Miniatures (x3 figs)
PRE-ORDER - Spider-folk - Wilderness Encounters - Otherworld Miniatures (x3 figs)
Zombicide: Black Plague Core Game - Board Game (x1 box)
Your Price: $99.99 - NEW RELEASE IN STOCK, SHIP DATE 02/13/16!
Zombicide: Black Plague Core Game - Board Game (x1 box)
Achilles v2 in Hoplite Armor 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set - Aleph (x2 figs)
Your Price: $29.99 - NEW RELEASE, NOW SHIPPING!
Achilles v2 in Hoplite Armor 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Box Set - Aleph (x2 figs)
Dwarf DoomCrushers Box Set - Avatars of War (x20 figs)
Your Price: $41.99 - NEW RELEASE, NOW SHIPPING!
Dwarf DoomCrushers Box Set - Avatars of War (x20 figs)
Thund Bloodwrack, Male Barbarian - Dark Heaven (x1 fig)
Your Price: $7.79 - NEW RELEASE, NOW SHIPPING!
Thund Bloodwrack, Male Barbarian - Dark Heaven (x1 fig)
Star Wars: Armada Core Game Box Set (x1 game)
Your Price: $99.99 - BACK IN STOCK, NOW SHIPPING!
Star Wars: Armada Core Game Box Set (x1 game)
Myconid King - Dungeon Monsters - Otherworld Miniatures (x1 fig)
Your Price: $20.99 - NEW RELEASE, NOW SHIPPING!
Myconid King - Dungeon Monsters - Otherworld Miniatures (x1 fig)
Pin Vise with 5 Drill Bits, Double Ended Swivel Top (x1 set)
Your Price: $11.99 - RESTOCK, NOW SHIPPING!
Pin Vise with 5 Drill Bits, Double Ended Swivel Top (x1 set)
Katsumi - Kage Kaze Zoku - Bushido Miniatures (x1 fig)
Your Price: $13.99 - NEW RELEASE, NOW SHIPPING!
Katsumi - Kage Kaze Zoku - Bushido Miniatures (x1 fig)
Brother Bude, The Exorcist - Male Monk - Heresy Heroes (x1 fig)
Your Price: $7.99 - RESTOCK, NOW SHIPPING!
Brother Bude, The Exorcist - Male Monk - Heresy Heroes (x1 fig)
Frostgrave - Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City Rule Book (x1 book)
Your Price: $24.99 - NEW RELEASE, NOW SHIPPING!
Frostgrave - Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City Rule Book (x1 book)
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Valentines/ Presidents Weekend Sale!
What’s better than a box of chocolates?  A 20% off site wide sale we’re starting today and running through the 3-Day weekend.  All orders will save 20% off all regular priced products no minimum order or coupon code required, the discount is automatic.  Shop early and save BIG...  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  Save 25% off on all orders of $99.99 or more placed on Friday Feb. 12th ONLY!  Our Valentines / Presidents Day Sale weekend starts Feb. 12th through Feb. 15th.  This sale is not valid with Clearance Store items, Gift Certificates, or any other offer or discount may not be combined.  Game on!

CLICK HERE for Terms & Conditions


Otherworld Miniatures!
     We have four new releases now available from Otherworld Miniatures. These include OWM-DM5e “Gnoll Archers
(x2)”, OWM-WE10a-v2 “Large Spiders v2 (x4)”, OWM-WE9b “Satyr II”, and in the deepest regions of the dungeon you’ll find OWM-DM35c “Myconid King” the mushroom king.
     Also check out the upcoming releases with new images of OWM-DD8 “Demonic Handmaiden”, OWM-UA4 “Mako Shark”, and visit our Facebook Page for more preview images.

Visit the Otherworld Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

Otherworld Miniatures New Releases – CLICK HERE

Otherworld Miniatures Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Bushido Miniatures
     Lots going on with GCT Studios Bushido Miniatures Game.  We have a restock, new releases and pre-orders are now up.  The new release include the new “Rise of Kage” board game and expansion “Docks of Ryu”.  We also have the first nine releases for the new faction for Bushido “Kage Kaze Zoku
” which consists of ninjas, lots of ninjas.  The twelve upcoming pre-orders are now available to pre-order for all the various Bushido factions, reserve yours today this line sells out fast.

Visit the Bushido Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

Bushido Miniatures New Releases – CLICK HERE

Bushido Miniatures Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Hobby Tools & Supplies!
     We have restocks from various manufacturers for all your must have Hobby Supplies, Tools, & Accessories.  We’ve listed some of what’s come in along with links to the various stores for these items.

Visit our Paints, Brushes, & Glues Store – CLICK HERE

Visit our Bases & Basing Materials Store – CLICK HERE

Visit our Hobby Tools & Supplies Store – CLICK HERE

 - Micro Art Studios Resin Bases.

 - Gale Force Nine Static Grasses.

 - Vallejo Empty Dropper Bottles, Varnishes, Surface Primers, & more.

 - Winsor & Newton Series 7 Brushes.

 - 4Ground Tools Pin Vise & Drill Bit Set.

 - Testors Dullcote Spray Lacquer.

 - Scale75 Acrylic Paint Thinner for brushes & airbrushes.

 - Dark Age Round Deep 30mm & 40mm Plastic Bases.

 - Saint Foliage Fall Leaves for basing.



Heresy Miniatures!

     We have a general restock for the Heresy Miniatures line. Some of these include HM-DEMON007 “Demonic Toad Familiar”, HM-SCICIV007 “Nerdlord #2”, HM-BORIS007 “Big Boris MKII”, HM-EVIL001 “Dark Lord” and more.

Visit the Heresy Store – CLICK HERE

Heresy New Releases – CLICK HERE


Dark Sword Miniatures!
We have a bunch of new releases from Dark Sword Miniatures and a general restock. These include the next wave of fifteen whimsical “DiTerlizzi Masterwork” fantasy miniatures.  Some of these include DSM4634 “Owlbear & Cubs
”, DSM4626 “Grug, Goblin Warrior”, DSM4630 “Orc Of The Otus Clan” and more.  Also new is DSMGOTSET1 “Game Of Thrones Miniatures Collection Season/Book One (x12 figs)” jump start your collection today with this great set.

Visit the Dark Sword Store – CLICK HERE

Dark Sword New Releases – CLICK HERE


Vallejo Paints!
     Three new paint sets for 2016 from Vallejo Paints will be arriving soon.  The first is VAL72302 “Non Death Chaos Set and Painting Guide By Angel Giraldez Game Color Paint Set
” and the other two are VAL74101 “Fantasy Flesh Set - Fantasy-Pro Nocturna Colors - Model Air Paint Set” and VAL74102 “Malefic Flesh Set - Fantasy-Pro Nocturna Colors - Model Air Paint Set” which also come with full-color painting guides by Nocturna.

Visit the Paint Store – CLICK HERE

Visit the Vallejo Paint Store – CLICK HERE

Vallejo Paint Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Reaper Miniatures!
     We have seven new releases from Reaper Miniatures now available. Five of the new releases are in the Dark Heaven line including #3730 “Jahenna, Female Vampire
”, #3731 “Barden Barrelstrap, Male Dwarf Cleric”, #3729 “Halfling Farmers, Male and Female” and more.  For the other two new releases we have #REM1582 “Spirit of Winter, Female Seasonal Spirit - Special Edition” and #REM30018 “Elf Ranger, 54mm Flat - Masters Series Miniatures”.  These are available and ready to ship.

     For the pre-orders we have six more upcoming Dark Heaven releases to get your RPG on with.  Some of these include #3724 “Thund Bloodwrack, Male Barbarian”, #3722 “Jurden, Half Orc Paladin”, #3726 “Dolphins”, and more.

Visit the Reaper Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

Reaper Miniatures New Releases – CLICK HERE

Reaper Miniatures Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Avatars of War Miniatures
     We have two new releases from Avatars of War now available. They include AOW-088 “Amazon Warrior Princess” and AOW-089 “Warpriest of Rayviel” along with a general restock.

     Also up for pre-ordering is a new regiment box set AOW-PL12 “Marauders of the Apocalypse Regiment”.  These regiments box sets always seem to sell out so lock your pre-orders in to reserve your copy/copies.

Visit the Avatars of War Store – CLICK HERE

Avatars of War New Releases – CLICK HERE

Avatars of War Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Origen Art Miniatures
     The final release from Origen Art Miniatures is now in stock in limited quantities.  OAM-30MM-GREENLEAF “Green Leaf, Female Wild Elf” is approximately 30mm and cast in highly detailed resin
.  We bought out the last remaining stock on her and supplies are very limited.  Orders will be filled on a first ordered first filled basis since we’ll be unable to restock this mini, all pre-orders have already shipped to those customers.

     As for Origen Art Miniatures they told us that they will be shutting this business down and moving onto other projects within the miniatures world, so I’m sure we’ll see more great minis from them in the future.

Visit the Origen Art Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE



Andrea Miniatures
     Surf’s up dude!  Releasing this month from Andrea Miniatures 54mm Wonderful World Series is AE-WY017 “Point Break”.  This dynamic model depicts a female surfer catching an extreme wave to nirvana, and yes the wave’s included in the kit.

Visit the Andrea Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

Andrea Miniatures Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



GF9 D&D Collectors Series Miniatures
     New from Gale Force Nines Rage of Demons is GF971049 “Demogorgon” box set.  First off this beast is massive, standing at approximately 9” inches tall of pure wickedness.  Also check out both the “Assembly and Painting Guides” for this release linked below.

     The Demogorgon radiates evil and madness to such a degree that his mere presence provokes insanity in sentient creatures. The demon lord is a meld of different forms, with a saurian lower body and clawed, webbed feet, as well as suckered tentacles sprouting from the shoulders of a great apelike torso, surmounted by two hideous simian heads, named Aameul and Hathradiah, both equally mad. Their gaze brings madness and confusion to any who… read more click here.

Visit the D&D Collectors Series Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

D&D Collectors Series Miniatures New Releases – CLICK HERE

Demogorgon Assembly Guide – CLICK HERE

Demogorgon Painting Guide – CLICK HERE



Hasslefree Miniatures
     We’ve got the first three new releases for 2016 from Hasslefree Miniatures now in stock.  These include HFH096 “Blanche, Female Chaos Warrior”, HFH100 “Tregar, Male Barbarian”, and HFH109 “Jeanne, Female Paladin”.  We also have a bunch of restocks that have arrived with the new releases.  Happy Gaming!

Visit the Hasslefree Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

Hasslefree Miniatures New Releases – CLICK HERE



Otherworld Miniatures!
     Lots of upcoming releases from Otherworld Miniatures are now available for pre-ordering.  Right off the pages of the AD&D Monster Manual the four Elementals of “Air”, “Fire”, “Water”, and “Earth”.  Also bow down when you’re standing in his presence, the great fungai himself the “Myconid King”.  A 2-pack of “Gnoll Archers”, two “Satyrs II & III”, “Giant Owl”, “Brown Bear” and a whole lot more available late December to early January.

Visit the Otherworld Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

Otherworld Miniatures New Releases – CLICK HERE

Otherworld Miniatures Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Batman Miniatures Store!
     We have five new releases from Knight Models Batman Miniature Game. The new releases include the “Joker (Killing Joke Version)”, “Talia Al Ghul (Comic Version)”, “Spice & Two Face Thugs” and more.

     For the pre-orders we have the awesome “Batman (Animated Series Version)”, “Catwoman (Animated Series Version)”, “Black Manta” and more.  You can check all these out in the Batman Miniatures Store.  Now it’s crime fighting time!  Unless of course if you’re a criminal?

Visit the Batman Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

Batman Miniatures New Releases – CLICK HERE

Batman Miniatures Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Reaper Miniatures!
     The new release arrived yesterday from Reaper Miniatures along with more pre-orders releasing December 4th.  The new releases Dark Heaven releases include a couple of decorative “Tombstones”, one is “Sorrow” the other is “Protection” both in the female form.  These will make great add-ons to bases or nice objective markers.  Also new is the stand out “Female Wraith”, “Dread Wovles” and more.

     For the pre-orders we have a “Drowned Female Spirit” for the Dark Heaven line and four upcoming Chronoscope minis including “Vorvorlaka, Vampire Man-Bat”, a couple of sci-fi characters “Female Spece Mercenary” and a “Space Smuggler”, and last but not least a two pack of “Western Kids” with guns of course, it is the Wild West after all.  Happy Turkey Day!

Visit the Reaper Miniatures Store – CLICK HERE

Reaper Miniatures New Releases – CLICK HERE

Reaper Miniatures Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Star Wars Armada
     We have the new releases for Star Wars: Armada now available on this side of the galaxy from Fantasy Flight Games.  Wave II includes five releases consisting of the “Star-Destroyer, Imperial Class” that’s your big boy and the “Imperial Raider” for the Empire.  For the Rebels we have the “MC30c Frigate” and another big boy “Home One” commanded by old fish-eyes Admiral Ackbar himself.  To round out this release there’s also the “Rogues and Villains” which includes the “Millennium Falcon” and all the famous bounty hunter ships.  Man your battle station and take evasive maneuvers.

Visit the Star Wars: Armada Store – CLICK HERE



Iron Wind Metal Minaituers!
     We’ve got a general restock from Iron Wind Metals.  These include IWM10-451 “The Bridge of Sorrows” diorama box set, IWM01-229 “Dwarven Guard Dog Mechanical Golem
”, and more.  We’ve also recently revamped the Iron Wind Metals Store too, so stop in and check it out.

Visit the Iron Wind Metals Store – CLICK HERE



Infinity the Game!
     We have the next wave of Infinity releases available for pre-ordering.  These will hopefully be arriving before Thanksgiving.  Some of the upcoming releases include ”Roger Van Zant, CPT. 6th Airborne Ranger – Ariadna
”, “Seraph, Military Order Armored Cavalry Box Set – PanOceania”, “Dactyls, Steel Phalanx Support Corps Doctor – ALEPH” check out the Infinity Pre-Order section for these and more.

Visit the Infinity Store – CLICK HERE

Infinity New Releases – CLICK HERE

Infinity Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Vallejo Paints!
     We have four new paint packs available for the Vallejo Paint line!  Also long and over due we’ve been working on completely revamping the Vallejo Paint Store, so pardon the dust.   All the categories are set up and we’re working on finishing populating some of the categories.  If anyone needs something specific that’s not live let us know via email and we’ll make it happen for you.

     As for the new releases they include VAL71186 “Rust & Chipping Effects Model Air Paint Set
”, VAL70183 “Rust, Stain & Streaking Model Colors Paint Set”, VAL71187 “Old and New Wood Effects Model Air Paint Set”, and VAL72865 “Face Painting "by Angel Giraldez" Game Air Colors Paint Set”.  All of these paint sets contains 8 bottles of paint and a fold out full color “how to guide”.  Also the newer sets now all include paints developed especially for those specific sets to achieve the themes effects.

Visit the Vallejo Paint Store – CLICK HERE

Vallejo New Releases – CLICK HERE



Bushido Miniatures!      Coming this December from GCT Studios is a brand new clan for Bushido, “Kage Kaze Zuko”.  This new clan is comprised of ninja assassins, smoke and shadow will hide their blades until it is to late.  The new Kage Kaze Zuko Clan will launch with seven minis, their special card pack, and theme dice.  Pre-order yours to reserve them today, NINJA!!!

Visit the Bushido Store – CLICK HERE

Bushido New Releases – CLICK HERE

Bushido Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Rise of Fantasy Book!


     Now available from Accion Press is a new book EMP25 “The Rise of Fantasy - How to build Fantasy Scenes Book”.  This Compendium of Fantasy modeling is a wonderful exercise, a true liberation of creative talents, with personality and imagination. A great book which goes from the technical and artistic considerations to the point of being interested in telling a story with awesome scenes.  This book is 112 pages in full color and we have 30 pages to preview on the product page for you to preview.  This is a must have book for any aspiring miniatures painter.

Order your Rise of Fantasy Book – CLICK HERE


WarMachine and Hordes!
      We’ve got four new releases now available from Privateer Press, two for WarMachine and two for Hordes.  The WarMachine releases include PIP34123 “Soul Trapper, Thrall Solos” for Cryx and a 3-pack PIP41127 “Swamp Gobber River Raiders” for the Mercenaries.  For the Horde releases we have PIP72093 “Extreme Feral Warpwolf” for Circle of Orbos and PIP75060 “Farrow Brigand Warlord” for the Minions.

Visit the WarMachine Store – CLICK HERE

WarMachine New Releases – CLICK HERE

Visit the Hordes Store – CLICK HERE

Hordes New Releases – CLICK HERE



Scale75 Paints!
We’ve received a restock on a variety of the Scale75 themed paint packs.  These are with out a doubt the hottest selling paints currently.  Some of the restocks include SSE-005 “Blood and Fire Red Paint Set”, SSE-009 “Metal n Alchemy Steel Series Paint Set” , SSE-010 “Metal n Alchemy Gold Series Paint Set” , SSE-012 and SSE-013 “Soil Works Natural Pigment Sets” , SSE-021 “Metal n Alchemy Copper Series Paint Set” and more.  Each paint set comes with eight themed paints in eye dropper bottles and a full-color fold out on how to achieve certain effects specific to that set.  Happy painting.

Visit the Scale75 Store – CLICK HERE



Celtos Store!
     We have a general restock that’s arrived for the Celtos Miniature line.  Some of these include CLT-201 “Skoll, Skull-Splitter”, CLT-210 “Dwarf Musician w/ Bag Pipes”, CLT-306 “Roth Mac Lyr”, CLT-316 “Galea, Female Warrior”, CLT-404 “Meduin, Siren Leader” and much, much more.  Stop in and peruse the Celtos Store, enjoy.

Visit the Celtos Store – CLICK HERE



FM Workshop Tutorials!
     So all this year we’ve been revamping various manufacturer stores within our site as well as categories to give our customers a better shopping experience.  Now we’ve done the same for all of those tutorials floating around our site and Facebook page.  Now you can reference all of our painting and hobby tutorials we put out from time to time in one location and here it is:  CLICK HERE.

     All of our tutorials are completely free and we put them out in video format via Youtube or in a PDF step-by-step format.  Thanks and we hope you enjoy them.

FM Workshop Team



Otherworld Miniatures!
     The new releases from Otherworld Miniatures have arrived along with a restock.  The new releases include the new “Otherworld Skirmish Game Rule Book” and accessories, “Dragon Cultists I & II”, “Lemures, Demons”, “Intellect Devourer & Brain Mole”, “Owl Bear II” and more.

Visit the Otherworld Store – CLICK HERE

Otherworld New Releases – CLICK HERE

Otherworld Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



Bombshell Miniatures!
     We’ve got five new Bombshell Miniatures now in stock along with a restock.  The new releases include new Babes… BOM-10038 “Alteria the Enforcer, Female”, BOM-10039 “Delta the Wastelander, Female”, BOM-10040 “Greta, Female Forest Spirit”, for Counterblast we have BOM-36034 “MinE Bots w/ Weapons”, and a new Sidekick BOM-60020 “Dodo Bird”.

     For the restock we have various Babes, Counterblast, and Sidekicks minis restocked including BOM-10036 “Candy, Mobile Sniper” and BOM-60018 “Warfare Wombat” to name a few.

Visit the Bombshell Store – CLICK HERE

Bombshell New Releases – CLICK HERE

Bombshell Pre-Orders – CLICK HERE



FM Workshop Tutorial!

     We have another FM Workshop hot off the painting/ hobby desk.  In this tutorial we’ll take a standard Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game “TIE Fighter” and convert it and paint it to look like the Proto-type one from the upcoming Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”.  This is a great way to set your ships apart from everyone else.  We hope you enjoy it and happy hobbying (is that a word?).



King of New York Board Game!
     We’re diving into more board games and we have a new manufacturer Iello.  We’re starting this line off with a brand new release from the famed MTG Card Game designer “Richard Garfield” the “King of New York” Board Game.

     King of New York introduces lots of new ways to play via your Kaiju giant monster, while still keeping the core ideas of King of Tokyo, the first major hit in this board game series. There are Buildings to Stomp! Vengeful Military Units to Destroy! Six brand new Monsters! Every roll of the dice might mean that your monster feels the OUCH, as military units open fire.

Will you grab the spotlight, and become a celebrity Superstar? Or will you become the defender of the city, and befriend Lady Liberty?

     Each of New York’s boroughs has its own charms, but to truly rule the Big Apple, you have to control Manhattan. Defeat the other monsters and rule the city…. Become the King of New York!

Visit the Board Game Store – CLICK HERE

Iello Store – CLICK HERE


FM WORKSHOP - FREE Tutorial: "How to make a Dungeon Base out of cork."
FM Workshop!
In this tutorial we’ll show you how we make simple but very nice looking dungeon bases out of cork.  Very fast and easy project to give your minis that extra element of scenery.

What is the FM Workshop? The FM Workshop is basically The FM Teams painting projects behind the scenes, both personal and commissions. So if you like these free tutorials please "Like" and "Share" and we'll post them as we can. Some may be in a PDF format such as this one others might be via YouTube. Thanks for all of your support and enjoy.

To view this PDF Tutorial CLICK HERE.


Dungeon Saga Store!

     We've launched a brand new store in support of Mantic Games upcoming "Dungeon Saga" miniatures board game.  Dungeon Saga is scheduled for a release launch in August 2015 and is up for pre-ordering now in the new store.

     Embark on a fantasy adventure for up to 5 players in the Dungeon Saga board game! With highly detailed game-pieces and learn-as-you-play rules, this set contains everything you need to transform your table-top into a magical world of heroes and monsters. Play a single game in just 30 minutes, or combine the carefully composed adventures for countless hours of classic quest game play.

When the fate of the world hangs in the balance, which part will you play in the epic Dungeon Saga?

Visit the Dungeon Saga Store - CLICK HERE

Gameplay Features:

  • A Classic Dungeon Crawl
  • Step-by-Step Guided Introduction
  • A Fully Interactive 3D Gaming Environment

    The Dungeon Saga Adventure Begins Here! The Dwarf King’s Quest Core Game is packaged in a box designed to look like an ancient magical artefact, and includes:

    All of the rules to play Dungeon Saga:

  • 8-Page Step-by-step Quick Start guide
  • 24-Page Dungeon Saga Rulebook
  • 32-Page Dungeon Saga Quest Book


Fantization on Facebook

        We’ve launched our official Fantization Miniatures Facebook Page finally.  We don’t have much on it at this time but we’ll run promos and new info through going forward.  So to start things off we’ll run a promo if we can reach “100 Likes” by the end of this month we’ll run free shipping on all domestic orders of $100 or more for the first week of October.  Spread the word and lets hit that free shipping goal with 100 likes for our Facebook page.

Thanks for the support.
FM Team

Visit the Official FM Facebook Page – CLICK HERE


    We’re proud to announce our new YouTube Channel “Fantization Workshop”.  Here you will be able to check out videos of products, painting tutorials, miniature showcases, and more.  Currently we have a couple of painting tutorials live, some showcases of painted miniatures, and with the arrival of a couple of new books we’ve done “Flip throughs” for you to view the new Dropzone Commander Rule Book and the new Scale Model Book 2.  We hope you enjoy the new Fantization Workshop Channel and we’ll have new videos as often as possible.  Enjoy.

Visit the new Fantization Workshop YouTube Channel – CLICK HERE

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