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Dwarf Tales Miniatures

Here we present the rough comparison of the Greatland inhabitants' body heights for the Dwarf Tale Miniatures.

 Generally they are not far from what all of us got used to. Dwarves are bulky and rather short, rarely exceeding 5 feet. Men grow up to 6 feet and are more slender. Elves are even taller with their average height of 6 feet, and they are very lean. Org'kka have massive bodies and because of the constant stoop they appear shorter, but fully erected male outgrows the tallest Humans. And Lidds... normally they are similar to Men but much more tall - reaching up to 7 feet. But after metamorphosis they become really BIG.

DT miniatures excellently fit to the below scheme, simultaneously retaining body proportions similar to other fantasy games miniatures, as they are sculpted in 28mm/30mm scale. Below you will find exemplary models representing races available in Warcanto.

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