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Hot Lead - How to paint a better miniature DVD set (x3 DVDs)

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Item Number: HOTLEAD-DVD1
Manufacturer: Hot Lead - Painting DVDs
Hot Lead: How to paint a better miniature (3 DVD set):

DVD-R format
Optimized for progressive scan
Total Length: 8+ hours (500 minutes)

The Hot Lead instructional mini painting 3-DVD set is aimed at both the beginning and the experienced painter.

Laszlo Jakusovszky's been active in the online painting community since the beginning. Over and over again he heard painters asking for painting videos. "Gosh, if only I could see someone do it close up..." You can teach someone how to paint in a classroom setting, but it's never the same as seeing the miniature from the teacher's perspective and watching their techniques in action.

The Hot Lead DVDs addresses this. In over 8 hours of footage, I go through the entire painting process with many different example miniatures: from selecting, prepping, painting and finally varnishing a miniature. Along the way Laszlo shares the tricks and tips learned through his years of experience. By the time you finish the set, you will truly know how to paint a better miniature!

That's not to say advanced painters won't benefit from these techniques. The DVDs are designed to continue the lessons learned on the Basic DVD into two Advanced DVDs. The first Advanced disc concentrates on painting techniques like blending and layering, as well as improving skintone realism and learning how to mix color shades for desired effects.

The second Advanced DVD goes in depth into the theory and practice of non-metallic metallics, a very popular technique, yet one difficult for some to master. Lazslo explains how to determine lighting, select colors and apply them to create realistic metallic effects using normal acrylic paints. Lazslo also demonstrate SENMM (sky-earth non-metallic metallic), showing how to achieve chrome effects on a variety of surfaces. Finally, the DVD outlines how to paint gems, another difficult technique to master, and introduces diorama basing.

So from newbie to adept, there's something here for everyone!

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