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Townsfolk Miniature Pack Box Set - Dungeons & Lasers (x62 figs)

Suggested Retail: $58.99
YOUR PRICE: $47.19
You Save: $11.80 (20 %)
Products Item #: ARKDNL0036
Manufacturer: Archon Studios
Manufacturer Part #: DNL0036
Product Material: Plastic
on sale
Meet your neighbours!

The cheerful citizens of your beloved town - guards, craftsmen, scholars and children. Every one of them can take part in your next adventure. Follow their quests or bring them into the fray together with your party.

The box contains 62 townsfolk miniatures with scenic bases, including:
- 1x Grave Digger
- 1x Merchant
- 1x Innkeeper
- 1x Tavern Maid
- 1x Blacksmith
- 1x Noble Man
- 1x Noble Lady
- 1x Scholar
- 1x Male Dwarf
- 1x Washerwoman
- 1x Child with a Cape
- 1x Elf Wizard
- 1x Knight Lady
- 1x Beggar
- 1x Peddler
- 1x Rat Folk
- 1x Construct
- 1x Tommy the Ghost
- 1x Snake Charmer
- 1x Dwarf Woman
- 1x Armand
- 2x Mounted Guard A
- 2x Female Mounted Guard B
- 2x Mounted Guard C
- 2x Swordsman A
- 2x Swordsman B
- 2x Swordsman C
- 2x Swordsman D
- 2x Female Swordsman E
- 2x Swordsman F
- 2x Pole Guard A
- 2x Pole Guard B
- 2x Pole Guard C
- 2x Pole Guard D
- 2x Pole Guard E
- 2x Female Pole Guard F
- 2x Ranged Guard A
- 2x Ranged Guard B
- 2x Female Ranged Guard C
- 2x Ranged Guard D
- 2x Ranged Guard E

Plastic miniatures supplied on plastic sprues.

All miniatures & terrain supplied unpainted with some assembly required.

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NPC Miniature Pack Box Set - Dungeons & Lasers (x68 figs)
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