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Aristeia! The Game - Corvus Belli

Aristeia the Game Store


175  years into the future, humanity has reached the stars. The nations of old coalesced into federated blocs who proceeded to carve up any star systems found suitable for human habitation. Technology has advanced beyond our wildest dreams, but its benefits are still available only to those who can pay.  Synthetic bodies, artificial intelligence, a data network connecting planets light-years apart, miraculous regenerative medicine... The presence of all these technologies has enabled the creation of Aristeia!, the high-stakes contact sport that’s sweeping the Human Sphere. A blood sport? Yes, but not as bad as you would imagine. Injuries that not so long ago would have sent you to the morgue can nowadays be healed within minutes. Deadly? Death is certainly on the menu. Tens of millions of fans keep their eyes glued to their holo-screens for the thrill that this match could be the last for their favorite fighters, some of whom enjoy an unprecedented level of celebrity adoration on Maya. Aristeia! is non-stop action and top-level athleticism. Get connected and enjoy!

In Aristeia!, each player controls a team of four Characters competing in the bloodiest, most exciting spectacle in the Human Sphere. Throughout five game Rounds, players direct their Character’s actions to meet the goals of the Scenario, earning Victory Points to win the game. The first player to collect eight Victory Points wins. Failing that, the player with the most Victory Points at the end of the fifth round wins. If there’s a tie, the player with the most Frag tokens wins.

Get all the FREE ARISTEIA! DOWNLOADS such as "How to Play", "Reference Guide", "Core Characters", "Errata", "Scenarios" all in PDF format and a lot more.

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