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Armada Store - Mantic Games

Armada Store

Armada is a naval wargame set in the world of its best-selling fantasy battle game, Kings of War. The two-player starter set, which is perfect for getting into the game, four factions of highly detailed resin boats, a rule book and a full range of accessories.

Based on the best-selling Black Seas ruleset by Warlord Games, Armada takes historical naval battles and gives them an epic fantasy twist. From the initial launch, players can take to the seas of Pannithor as one of four exciting factions – starting with the brave Basileans and marauding orcs, then following shortly after with the stoic dwarfs and wicked Empire of Dust.

Players command a fleet of six to nine ships to capture terrifying sea monsters, unleash devastating broadsides against their opponent, upgrade their ships with arcane magic and execute daring boarding actions.

A typical fleet size is between six and nine ships, with a play time of around 90 to 120 minutes (similar to Kings of War). The great thing about having a small fleet is that you’ll be playing in no time. Similar to playing a skirmish game but with boats.

The boats are packed with great details and character and are cast in resin, to ensure really crisp castings.  The boats are very loosely the same size as Black Seas but a little more heroic. We’ve used the same size categories as Black Seas.

Inside the rule book you’ll find all the rules required to play the game, 10 action-packed scenarios, rules for upgrading ships (with magic items, improved equipment or legendary captains) and advanced rules for weather effects. The rulebook also comes with card token sheets!

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