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Big Boris III, Male Barbarian - Heresy 10th Birthday Limited Edition (x1 fig)

List Price: $20.49
You Save: $2.05 (10 %)
Products Item #: HM-BORIS08
Manufacturer: Heresy Miniatures
Sculpted By: A. Foster
Product Material: Resin
on sale
April 6th, 2002, and a legend was born. Half-ogre, shorn of head and scanty of clothing, Big Boris has been a popular mainstay in the Heresy range ever since, with several versions of the figure making it into production, and a whole new re-sculpt back in 2005. Now at last, to mark the 10th anniversary of Heresy opening it's internet orifices to the public, and still fond of ol' Bozza,  as well as wanting to see how much his sculpting skills have improved over the years, Andy Foster (Founder, Supreme Overlord and mould maker, caster, cleaner, etc as required) has sculpted a new Big Boris at last!

The sculpt is still as enormous as Big Boris MK II, to properly reflect his half-ogre genetics and make him stand out form all the merely large barbarian figures out there in the world of miniatures, and the ones that Andy will try to find time to sculpt for heresy in the future, such as the lamentably missing Mullet The Barbarian, who's also due a re-sculpt at some point. You can confidently produce BB3 and plonk him on the table to awed gasps of 'Blimey, he's enormous!' from the other players when they see your new hero.

Make no mistake, this is a large figure - at 43mm top-of-head to foot, in game terms he'd be a little over eight and a half feet tall. He has hands that could crush a regular man's head like a paper cup and legs bigger than most people's whole torso. Truly, he is ogrish.

This figure is limited to a casting run of 500 in metal. Once he's gone he's gone!

Pack Contents: Big Boris body, Axe, Dagger, and a 40mm plastic base.

Cast in metal alloy that contains a small amount of lead for better quality casting.  Supplied Unassembled and unpainted. All multi-part kits require some filling, pinning and superglue. Unsuitable for children under 14 yrs of age.

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