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Bag of 16mm 50d6 Lab Dice: Assorted Lab Dice - Chessex (x50 d6 dice)

Sale Price: SOLD OUT!
Item Number: CHX30017
Manufacturer: Chessex
Manufacturer Part No: CHX30017
on sale
Lab Dice are an attempt to include the distributors and retailers in the process of releasing a lot of new colors into the market and using the sales information for which colors are the best to be later integrated into Chessex's normal dice ranges. Lab Dice colors may be made again as regular releases, or they may never be made again. Therefore, if someone likes a color they should act quickly or forever hold their peace.

Assortment of the following
30001 Festive Autumn/white
30003 Lustrous Pink/blue
30005 Festive Dahlia/white
30007 Festive Flare/white
30013 Nebula Nocturnal/blue
30015 Festive Allusion/blue

50 Six-sided Dice
8 Festive Allusion/Blue
7 Festive Autumn/White
9 Luminary Festive Dahlia/White
10 Luminary Festive Flare/White
8 Lustrous Pink/Blue
8 Luminary Nebula Nocturnal/Blue

Due to the unique design of these dice, coloring and color ratios will vary from set to set and may not be exactly as pictured.

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