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Kolinsky Hobby Size Flat Angled End Brush 'Car Wash' - Gadzooks Gaming (x1 brush)

Suggested Retail: $7.99
You Save: $1.20 (15 %)
Products Item #: GDZ08
Manufacturer: Gadzooks Gaming
Manufacturer Part #: GDZ08
on sale
Gadzooks Gaming Kolinsky Hobby Paint Brushes

You'll love these paint brushes suitable for painting miniatures.  Designed by gamers for gamers, this line of brushes provides the amateur and expert alike with a selection of brushes that will get results!

Brushes (along with suggested uses):

    Mother - Size 3 Kolinsky hair brush used for priming, base coating, color application, etc.
    Utility - Size 1 Kolinsky hair brush used for medium details, color application, etc.
    Micro - Size 10/0 Kolinsky hair brush used for small details, free-hand designs, etc.
    Dry Brush - Kolinsky hair used for washes, dry brushing, painting large flat surfaces.
    Finisher - Size 0 Kolinsky hair brush intermediate sized brush, used for post-dry brushing detail work.
    Hoarder - Size 8 Kolinsky hair brush used for larger surface areas.
    Car Wash - It's just like our dry brush but bigger!  Try it, you'll like it!

These brushes are a good balance of quality and price and Gadzooks Gaming hopes that you enjoy using them as much as we do!

Available in a starter pack which contains the Mother, Utility, Micro, Drybrush and Finisher; as well as individual brushes.

Gadzooks Gaming's two newest brushes, the Hoarder and Car Wash are only available for individual purchase.

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