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Complete Set of Aliens: Core Board Game and (x7) Expansions Set (x8 boxes)

Your Price: $249.92
Sale Price: $199.94
You Save: $49.98 (20 %)
Item Number: GF9ALIENS01-08
Manufacturer: Gale Force Nine
Manufacturer Part No: GF9ALIENS01-08
Cast in: Plastic
on sale
All right, sweethearts. Were a team, and theres nothing to worry about. We come here, and we gonna conquer, and we gonna kick some. Is that understood? Master Sergeant Apone

Aliens is a cooperative survival board game in which you and your team of specialist Colonial Marines will gear up with serious firepower and head into Hadleys Hope to find survivors and answersbut youre not alone. To survive, youll need to work together, keep your cool, and stay frosty to fight off relentless Xenomorph ambushes and get out alive.

Players can play up to nine different missions, taking them into different areas from the Hadleys Hope terraforming facility to the deep, dark recesses of a Xenomorph nest. Aliens also offers an exciting campaign mode to play four of the missions linked together, so players will need to fight relentless Xenomorph attacks and keep each other alive all the way to the end of the campaign. The remaining two missions are purely about survivalits kill or be killed. The players are dropped into the game with nothing more than a pistol. They will need to scavenge weapons and gear while hordes of Xenomorph aliens are trying to defeat them. How long can you survive against the odds?

- Players: 16
- Ages: 14+
- Play Time: 60120 min

Complete Set Contents:
x1 GF9ALIENS01 Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps Board Game 4 Double-sided game boards
x1 GF9ALIENS02 Aliens: Ultimate Badasses Expansion
x1 GF9ALIENS03 Aliens: Get Away from Her You B***h! Expansion
x1 GF9ALIENS04 Aliens: 3D Gaming Set Add-Ons
x1 GF9ALIENS05 Aliens: Sulaco Survivors Expansion
x1 GF9ALIENS06 Aliens: Heroes of Hadleys Hope Expansion
x1 GF9ALIENS07 Aliens: Alien Warriors Expansion
x1 GF9ALIENS08 Aliens: Alien Queen Expansion

All miniatures supplied unpainted, some assembly may be required.

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