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PRE-ORDER - Wett & Wilde Detective Duo - FATC Sci-Fi (x2 figs)

Suggested Retail: $9.99
You Save: $1.00 (10 %)
Products Item #: HM-FATC-GOVT010-011
Manufacturer: Heresy Miniatures
Manufacturer Part #: FATC-GOVT010-011
Product Material: Metal
on sale
- Detective John Wettowski. They call him Wett. He's a loose cannon, an alcoholic, a drug addict, he hates authority, thinks the rules are lame and has probably killed more people than anyone on death row, in the name of justice or possibly revenge for that time they killed that girl he liked, maybe. His ex-wife hates him. His ex-boyfriend hates him. His mom hates him. His department-appointed addcition therapist hates him. He's not sure why because he's so drunk. But one thing he does know for sure, the Mayor is up the Chief's butt, and so the Chief is up Wett's butt. Wett may be the worst cop in the history of cops, but he's certain that he's a damn good cop and he gets results i.e. property damage running into the hundreds of thousands. He has 24 hours to bring in the bad guy and a bottle of vodka and a bag of pills in his jacket pocket. He's good to go. But why saddle him with a new partner? What happened to the last guy, anyway? Oh yeah, car got exploded.

- Detective Inigo Wilde, meanwhile, has cultivated a careful reputation for doing it right and doing it by the book. He's got no time for cutting corners and even less for people who don't take the job seriously. His solve rate is high, but more impressive is his conviction rate. But as straight laced as he likes to appear, he knows when to bend the rules, too, so he keeps a shockle duster on him for the times when the suspects get rowdy. It packs a 10k volt wallop! Wilde deserves a promotion. But Captain Mendoza thinks Wilde wants his job, so he's partnered him with none other than Detective Wett instead.

Together they're gonna bust this crooked town wide open... if they don't kill each other first!

CONTENTS: 1 x single piece Detecive Wilde miniature, 1 x Detective Wett figure, with plastic round bases.

Originally sculpted for the Fate Amenable To Change range, formerly produced by Antenociti's Workshop/Jed Norton.

All miniatures supplied unpainted with some assembly required.

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PRE-ORDER - Uniformed Cops - FATC Sci-Fi (x2 figs)
on sale

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