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Kimera Kolors Base Paint Set - Kimera Kolors (x14 bottles)

Suggested Retail: $94.99
YOUR PRICE: $90.24
You Save: $4.75 (5 %)
Products Item #: KIMERA-KOLORS-SET
Manufacturer: Pegaso Models
Manufacturer Part #: KIMERA-KOLORS-SET
on sale
KIMERA KOLORS offers thirteen pure pigment acrylics and one satin medium in 30ml dropper bottle with flip top caps and a agitator steel ball inside each pot.

- High pigment concentration, ranging from 30% to 50%
- Creamy consistence and matt finiture, but they can be made satin by adding in your mix the satin medium provided.
- x13 pigments are selected in a scientific way to be the best range to create every colors
- Tested and approved by some of the best artist in the world

Manufactured in Italy by Camerini & Company

PW6 Titanium White (Titanium Dioxide)
PBK7 Carbon Black or Lamp Black (Amorphous carbon from soot)
PV23 Violet (Dioxazine Violet)
PG7 Phtalo Green (Phthalocyanine green blue shade)
PB15.4 Phthalo blue green shade (Copper Phthalocyanine)
PB15.2 Phthalo blue red shade (Copper Phthalocyanine)
PR122 Quinacridone magenta (Quinacridone)
PR170 Red (Naphthol AS Red)
PR101 (130) Red Oxide (Red iron oxide)
PY42 Yellow Oxide (Yellow iron oxide)
PO34 Orange (Pyrazolone Orange)
PY83 Warm yellow (Diarylide Yellow HR)
PY151 Cold yellow (Benzimidazolone Yellow)

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