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Reaper Master Series Bones Paint Complete Set - MSP Bones (x54 bottles plus x1 caddy)

Your Price: $184.99
Sale Price: $129.49
You Save: $55.50 (30 %)
Item Number: MSP09966
Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Manufacturer Part No: 09966
on sale
Contains (x1) each of the below MSP Bones paints for a total of 54 total MSP Bones paints in this set and also includes one plastic paint caddy for storage.
MSP09401 Dragon Red
MSP09402 Heraldic Red
MSP09403 Monster Maw
MSP09404 Cinnamon Red
MSP09405 Volcanic Orange
MSP09406 Sunrise Orange
MSP09407 Lantern Yellow
MSP09408 Candlelight Yellow
MSP09409 Canary Yellow
MSP09410 Ancient Oak
MSP09411 Wilderness Green
MSP09412 Dragon Green
MSP09413 Naga Green
MSP09414 Cats-Eye Green
MSP09415 Dungeon Slime
MSP09416 Spectral Glow
MSP09417 Void Blue
MSP09418 Oceanic Blue
MSP09419 Tropical Blue
MSP09420 Glacier Blue
MSP09421 Frost Blue
MSP09422 Nightsky Indigo
MSP09423 Styx Purple
MSP09424 Runic Purple
MSP09425 Icy Violet
MSP09426 Charred Brown
MSP09427 Nut Brown
MSP09428 Saddle Brown
MSP09429 Rich Leather
MSP09430 Polished Leather
MSP09431 Desert Stone
MSP09432 Desert Sand
MSP09433 Mountain Stone
MSP09434 Wolf Grey
MSP09435 Skeleton Bone
MSP09436 Bleached Linen
MSP09437 Dragon Black
MSP09438 Tempest Grey
MSP09439 Dragon White
MSP09440 Ebony Flesh
MSP09441 Ruddy Flesh
MSP09442 Barbarian Flesh
MSP09443 Warrior Flesh
MSP09444 Scholar Flesh
MSP09445 Youthful Flesh
MSP09446 Pale Flesh
MSP09447 Undead Flesh
MSP09448 Dragon Copper
MSP09449 Dragon Bronze
MSP09450 Dragon Gold
MSP09451 Dwarven Gold
MSP09452 Blade Steel
MSP09453 Filigree Silver
MSP09454 Shining Mithril

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