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Reaper MSP Holiday Colors Paint Set - Master Series Paints (x1 set)

Your Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $22.49
You Save: $7.50 (25 %)
Item Number: MSP09973
Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Manufacturer Part No: 9973
on sale
This special edition Holiday Paint Set comes with 10 bottles of Reaper Master Series Core Colors! Seven of these colors are only available in this set, while the other three colors have only been available as promotional paints. Now you can get them all in one spot! This special edition paint set is only available this holiday season. Makes a great gift for your favorite mini painter!
Colors in this set include:

09658 - Christmas Wreath: A vibrant dark green, this color is great for washes over lighter greens. It's also good for painting evergreens and holly, or even as a dark green verdigris color for bronze.

09659 - Ginger Cookie: A lighter brown good for weathered wood or adding dust effects to cloaks, boots, or terrain. And, of course, it's great for painting 28mm cookies!

09671 - Golden Glow: This color is excellent for lighting effects using lantern and candlelight, or as a final highlight for paler oranges or darker yellows. Pairs well with Hearth Fire, also included in this set.

09687 - Holly Berry: A bright orangey-red good as a highlight for darker reds to give them a bit of "pop". Can be also used as a very bright base and highlighted with 09690 Hearth Fire for lava basing effects or for bright red fiery effects on things like magical weapons or glowing eyes.

09688 - Peppermint White: A mildly glossy white good as a final highlight for pale colors. The glossier finish catches the light to make highlights stand out.

09689 - Sparkling Snow: A satiny metallic with a cold wintery color tint. This paint is capable of shifting color depending on what it's painted over. It can be highlighted with the white metallic, 09100 Pearl White, and shaded with blues or purples.

09690 - Hearth Fire: A great mid-range color for glowing coals, bonfires or fire elementals. This bright orange can be a shadow for yellows or a highlight to make darker oranges pop.

09691 - Turkey Brown: This warm medium brown can be utilized for anything from polished wood or leather to depicting rich brunette hair color. As a glaze or wash it can work with with ochres, yellows or oranges.

09692 - Frosty Blue: This cool light blue is a good base or shadow coat for snowy effects. It's also a good shadow for 29844 Blue Flame, 09063 Ghost White, or 09039 Pure White, and a great highlighter mixed in to almost any blue.

09693 - Coal Black: An off-black with a blue-green shift, this color works well as a base on ravens, obsidian, black dragons, or black stone or marble. It's especially effective when highlighted with a blue-grey, blue, or green hue. When thinned it will shift and show more color, making it an interesting option for washes.

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