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Bones Store - Plastic RPG Miniatures

     Welcome to our Reaper Miniatures Bones Store; the miniatures include Chronoscope, Dark Heaven, Darklands Noir, and Pathfinder .  Twenty years ago, you could go into a gaming store with a couple of bills and come out with a handful of minis. Not so much today. But today's quality is far superior to those figures of the past. Reaper's Bones meet that sweet spot where low price intersects with incredible detail. All the fiddly bits you love to paint are there at prices that will astound you.

     Out of the box, these incredible figures take paint without priming. Reaper's Master Series Paints cover these models perfectly right out of the bottle, and the paint sticks -- standing up to most sorts of tabletop abuse your Friday night group would be able to dish out.

     Need to re-position an arm? You have your eye on one of the shields in our conversion packs? Grab some snips and modeling glue and go nuts. Bones' polymer material reacts beautifully with cyanoacrylate adhesives. Conversions and weapon swaps take about as long as your glue takes to dry.

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The Book of Bones: Bones Catalog - Reaper Miniatures (x1 catalog)
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The Book of Bones: Bones Catalog - Reaper Miniatures (x1 catalog)
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