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Rusted Heroes

Rusted Heroes Store!

     Welcome to our Rusted Heroes Store.  "The King has vanished and the kingdom has plunged into chaos, heirs to the throne are divided, and invaders have landed on the shores, plundering the land.  Choose a faction and rally your War Band to fight for glory and honor.  Become a Rusted Hero today!"

     Rusted Heroes
Tabletop Miniature Game is a fast playing skirmish style combat game system using d10s.  The higher the roll the better in most cases.  Each miniature represents a character on the battlefield.  Since this is a skirmish based game each side will have any where from five to fifty or more miniatures in their War Band.

Rallying your troops and build your War Band...

     War Bands are built prior to the set up of a game of Rusted Heroes.  A few ways you can create a War Band would be a point system where the players determine how many points will be allotted per player.  Each player would then purchase characters and hire Mercenaries using the cost of each character listed on the character's card.  The other way would be if all players agree on what will be used you can just throw down and have at it.

Rusted Heroes Official Facebook Page!

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