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Complete Set of Epic Encounters Wave 2 Box Sets - Epic Encounters (x2 encounters)

Your Price: $89.98
Sale Price: $71.98
You Save: $18.00 (20 %)
Item Number: STFEE005-006
Manufacturer: Steamforged Games
Manufacturer Part No: STFEE005-006
Cast in: Plastic
on sale
Epic, cinematic, ready-to-play encounters for your tabletop roleplaying campaigns.  Youll get everything you need right there in the box, from awesome minis to rules, monster stats, tokens, and battlemaps.  (Plus, theyre fifth edition compatible!)

STFEE005 -
Swamp of the Hydra
A reptilian horror, the hydra oozes corruption. Its mere presence has twisted the plants and warped the creatures of the fetid swamp it calls home. With many heads to contend with—each one boasting animal cunning, a winding neck, and sharp teeth—careless trespassers will soon find themselves trapped in a thicket of snapping jaws.

- Hydra miniature
- 12 Goblin tokens
- Double-sided game mat
- Adventure book
- Monster stats
- Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

STFEE006 - Village of the Goblin Chief

Beware the giggling goblins and their cruel knives. Hidden in their treetop village, they plot their raids and feast on whatever they can steal or kidnap. But goblin malice is not the only threat in these parts. Far beneath the branches, the ground has begun to rot, polluting the soil and spoiling harvests. And the goblins know why.

- x20 Miniatures:
- x1 Bloodwood Goblin Hetman
- x6 Bloodwood Goblin
- x4 Bloodwood Goblin Frog Chewer
- x4 Blood Dart Goblin Enforcer
- x4 Arrowtongue Tree Frog
- x1 Greenfang Flail Snail
- Double-sided game mat
- Adventure book
- Monster’s stats
- Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

All miniatures supplied unpainted with assembly may be required.

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