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The Adventurer's Companion Book - Dungeon Saga (x1 book)

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Sale Price: $39.99
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Item Number: MGDS02
Manufacturer: Mantic Games
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The Adventurers Companion contains advanced rules for Dungeon Saga allowing you to build you own adventures.

Building your own adventures

The Adventurers Companion includes a system for Random Dungeon Generation.

Your heroes will start in the entrance way to catacombs or a Dwarven Hold where, upon going through the first door, the system will generate the next room or corridor. As you explore further, the Dungeon itself will open out in front of you, leaving you to explore and revel in the mystery of the great unknown. It'll be different each time you play it!

There is also the Custom Scenario Builder, which you can use to design your own mission. We asked Jake Thornton, Games Designer behind Dungeon Saga, to share a few of his ideas on how this might work:

The Necromancer player will create a dungeon according to a set of given parameters, and stock it with Monsters. The Monsters used add to a core set of scenario objectives that the Heroes will choose one from randomly. That way the Necromancer doesnt know exactly what they are up to and so cannot make it completely impossible for the adventurers.

These missions can also include personal objectives for each hero, and can work as one-off games or game in a linked campaign.

The Bestiary is a section devoted to the Monsters and Minions of Mantica, which you can use miniatures from the Kings of War line to represent if you want to.

This means that you can go beyond the basic boxed game contents of Undead and add-in new and interesting enemies. Perhaps your party stumbles across a moonlit enclosure infested with Lycanthropy-inflicted beasts, or they happen upon a dungeon-raiding group of goblins and their bizarre warmachines.

Even with all this great stuff in the book, we want to make this the best possible system for tabletop miniature role-playing that we can. With that, we present our next stretch goal.

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