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Model Color 2024 Set of x32 NEW COLORS ONLY - Model Color 2024 (x32 bottles)

Suggested Retail: $127.68
YOUR PRICE: $114.91
You Save: $12.77 (10 %)
Products Item #: VJP000-70032-2024
Manufacturer: Acrylicos Vallejo
Manufacturer Part #: 000-70032-2024
on sale

Introducing a new Model Color formulation that will surprise you with its amazing brushability, excellent opacity and superb mattefinish.

You will notice that the colors dry quickly, forming a homogeneous and self-leveling layer that respects the smallest detail present in your model. In fact, we recommend applying them on a previously primed surface.

- Model Color is presented in bottles of 18 ml/0.6 fl oz with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container, so that It can be used in minimal quantities and preserved for a long time.

- Acrylic water-based paint.

Model Color 2024 (x32) New Colors include:
VJP011-70745-2024 Dark Rose
VJP016-70746-2024 Chestnut Brown
VJP021-70766-2024 Cream White
VJP035-70747-2024 Faded Red
VJP042-70748-2024 Light Pink
VJP049-70749-2024 Dark Purple
VJP050-70750-2024 Light Violet
VJP051-70811-2024 Blue Violet
VJP063-70752-2024 Infantry Blue
VJP068-70753-2024 Light Blue Green
VJP073-70754-2024 Continental Blue
VJP074-70755-2024 Light Emerald
VJP077-70756-2024 Splinter Green
VJP081-70757-2024 Pacific Green
VJP085-70758-2024 Bright Green
VJP100-70759-2024 German Tank Crew
VJP103-70760-2024 Light Mud
VJP109-70741-2024 Camouflage Black Green
VJP115-70762-2024 Grey Brown
VJP116-70763-2024 Canvas
VJP118-70941-2024 Burnt Umber
VJP125-70764-2024 Military Yellow
VJP138-70767-2024 Desert Brown
VJP139-70761-2024 Old Wood
VJP140-70765-2024 Desert Tan
VJP143-70768-2024 BC Dark Brown
VJP148-70769-2024 Mustard Brown
VJP149-70770-2024 New Wood
VJP156-70771-2024 Dark Rust
VJP171-70772-2024 Medium Grey Blue
VJP183-70773-2024 Violet Grey
VJP190-70774-2024 Lavender Grey

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