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PRE-ORDER - The Warped Box Set - Cult of the Burning Man (x9 figs)

Your Price: $44.99
Item Number: WYR40253
Manufacturer: Wyrd Games
Manufacturer Part No: 40253
Cast in: Plastic
The The Warped are an incredibly cheap unit for the Cult. Their main attack is a low AV 3 and only Strength 1, but even Strength 1 can take down a mighty Titan with some hard work and luck.

But the reality is that you don't take The Warped in your Company for their Draw In attack. You take them for Sentient Portals. They obviously have synergy with Adeodatos, giving him more hubs to attack from. They also allow units to teleport through them either to or from Portals.

A unit of The Warped , which includes the unit card and 6 models comprised of 3 different sculpts. They come on 40mm plug bases, which slot into the two 100mm Fireteam bases provided.

All miniatures supplied unpainted with some assembly may be required.

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