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DreadBall - The Futuristic Sports Game (x1 core game)

Your Price: $79.99
Item Number: MGDBM01-1
Manufacturer: Mantic Games

The true history of DreadBall is a hotly debated subject, and one that is unlikely to ever be known unequivocally. This may seem a little strange given its universal popularity and acclaim how can such a public and popular sport be a mystery? The answer, of course, is money.

DreadBall is the most popular sport ever devised, and the revenues it generates are vast. Corporations fall over each other to sponsor new teams and ever more splendid new arenas, knowing that their investments will return many times over. Teams pay huge sums for new players, hiring exotic aliens and even former enemies to liven the spectacle and amuse the fans. Few people had ever seen a Forge Father or Veer-myn before they ran out onto a DreadBall pitch, except in the post combat footage on the news; and even if they are what Sportline 888s reporter called the mercenary dregs of their societies, they are still real, live aliens. At least, that is one interpretation. Robots, mind-controlled prisoners, and vat-grown clones have all been suggested by those who fail to understand that everyone, even aliens, have their price. Money drives the telling of history too. But let us ignore the (allegedly) crackpot conspiracy theories and rival claimants for a moment and hear what the DreadBall Governing Body have to say. They are, after all, the most important organisation in DreadBall by a long way. Perhaps the following tale from their What is DreadBall? vidcast will explain at least the official line

Who could have known when this new sport was invented, that it would sweep to such a success in less than a lifetime? From its humble beginnings in the grimy hangars of the flagship of its creator to the vid screens of every home in the central planets, it has been a whirlwind ride. It all began in the mind of now retired Senior Flank Commander Jesus Ortiz. In his own words it was something to keep the troopers happy, fighting fit and hungry for blood. I had no idea it would grow to be so popular.

But grow it has. It began in the stark steel shell of drop hangar 91 aboard the Corporation warship Dread. The first games were played with dismantled cluster munitions for a ball, wearing decommissioned Enforcer armour. The modern player takes to the pitch in specially built, multi-arena stadiums wearing a carefully designed and personalised DreadBall suit worth millions of credits. These suits last no more than 2 or 3 games before they are damaged beyond repair. The weapons-grade titanium balls are replaced every time a new one enters the arena, such are the stresses on them. It is a violent sport.

Surprisingly, throughout this evolution the game has remained true to the creators vision, mainly due to the sacrifice of time and energy which Ortiz himself has given to it. It is overseen by the DreadBall Governing Body, usually known as the DGB, or Digby. The Chairman of the DGB is Jesus Ortiz himself, still maintaining control over the game to ensure that it retains its true spirit and isnt debased by the many influences that smell money and power and seek to corrupt it. As long as Im in charge, says Ortiz, DreadBall will remain pure.

The modern game is a slick and massively promoted spectacle that is instantly familiar to the many citizens of the Corporations Co-Prosperity Sphere. It has grown from nothing to be the most popular sport on the net, and looks like being so for many years to come.

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