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FM Workshop - Tutorials
"How to tutorials."

FM Workshop Showcase!

Showcase 360 video of "Belikor, Demon Prince" from Games Workshop, painted by Steve Petrey. - YouTube Video

This was my one and only Golden Demon Entry and I spent about 43 hours on it over a two week period.  I ended up painting the twelve skulls last which really burned me out and didn't leave me much time for the base.  If I were to ever enter this contest again I would take a six month window of time so I can add a lot more to it.  Overall it was an interesting experience.


FM Workshop Weathering Tutorial!

In this tutorial we'll show you how to paint down and dirty weathering effects using Secret Weapons "Weathering Acrylic Paints.  You can also apply this method to miniatures using your hobby brushes. - YouTube Video


FM Workshop Tutorial!

In this tutorial we'll show you how to paint a great looking Treasure Pile to use as an objective marker.  Get your players to go straight for the loot when you lay down your Treasure Pile.  While they're busy counting the gold the diabolic monsters creep closer for a surprise attack from the darkness. - PDF


FM Workshop Tutorial!

In this tutorial we’ll take a standard Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game “TIE Fighter” and convert it and paint it to look like the Proto-type one from the upcoming Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens”.  This is a great way to set your ships apart from everyone else.  We hope you enjoy it and happy hobbying (is that a word?). - PDF


FM Workshop!

In this tutorial we’ll show you how we make simple but very nice looking dungeon bases out of cork.  Very fast and easy project to give your minis that extra element of scenery. - PDF


This tutorial shows you how to pin two parts of a miniature together perfectly every time.



How to string a bow for your miniatures. - PDF


This is our first video painting tutorial that we wanted to share.  It was more of a test but we figured we would upload it for everyone to view since we put so much time into it.  It can be viewed in low-res or in HD 720p, just change the setting in the bottom by clicking on the little gear logo.  We hope you enjoy it.


Fire Elemental Tutorial Video

To celebrate the Fourth of July we have a new video tutorial on a Fire Elemental.  This is our second video tutorial and in this step-by-step we will show you the color palette to create a realistic fire effect including the object source lighting (OSL) glow from the Elemental on the cobblestone floor.


FM Workshop Youtube Channel.

What is the FM Workshop? The FM Workshop is basically The FM Teams painting projects behind the scenes, both personal and commissions. So if you like these free tutorials please "Like" and "Share" and we'll post them as we can. Some may be in a PDF format such as this one others might be via YouTube. Thanks for all of your support and enjoy.


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