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WarCrow - Corvus Belli

WarCrow Store!

Warcrow is a fantasy universe in which different nations must decide which part they will play in it. Hold on to what
they know, fight for what they believe in, unravel the mysteries surrounding them, protect their heritage, or stride
towards their destiny.

There are two games in this universe of WarCrow Adventures - The Dungeon Crawler and WarCrow - The

WarCrow miniatures are made of injected thermoplastic, produced by Corvus Belli.

Warcrow Adventures COMING IN 2023
Warcrow Adventures is a fantasy dungeon crawler, with brave heroes that will find themselves involved in strange
adventures, finding their destiny in a world of mystery and magic. These heroes will come from a variety of
backgrounds, giving a taste of Lindwurm’s different races and nations, their mindset, their culture, and their values.

WarCrow - The Wargame COMING IN 2024
WarCrow - The Wargame players will need around 20 miniatures to make it to the battle.  In-universe transversality
is to be expected. The figures in Warcrow Adventures will be playable in Warcrow the wargame.

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